This is where I am!

This is where I am!
This is where I am!

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Last email from Guatemala!!

1st Timothy 3:14
These things I write unto thee, hoping to come unto thee shortly:

contacts: 271
Well we had a lot more lessons this week and also 9 investigators in church! there were 2 baby blessings so that's why but when we talked to them after they seemed pretty interested in learning more about the churc
Studying in Patzicia...sooo cold!
h and one of them said they really liked going to church! And then of course H went to church as well. He is still awesome and liking the church more and more. He feels alone in priesthood meeting though so we told our ward mission leader to assign someone to sit with him. 
H didn't go to church and his phone is messed up so it is really hard to get a hold of him.
T and R are willing to get married and baptized. We just need to teach R like...everything. His family are members and so he already knows a lot. I can tell this area is going to see a lot of miracles this month.
Well other than that I really don't know how I feel right now...excited to see my family, sad to leave Guatemala and stop being a missionary. On Sunday I bore my testimony in both wards and then when we were leaving I started saying see you later to everyone and then it hit me..that I wouldn't see them. I don't know - it's possible that I cried a little. This area has been like a refiner’s fire for me but I am glad that I was sent here. Coming on a mission has been the best decision that I have made in my life up to this point and I am grateful that Heavenly Father sent me to this mission to have the companions that I have had and meet the people I have met. So I am not ending with a baptism but I am satisfied with the work I am doing and I know that these people will be baptized in the future.

Well it's time...I love you and can't wait to see you all! You are the best family EVER!

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