This is where I am!

This is where I am!
This is where I am!

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Contacts 271

Hna Alvarado, her 2nd trainer, now back home in Mexico
This week went pretty well. A lot of members helped us and we even went on divisions one day which went really well.  We also had 4 investigators in church this week and 2 of them already have 3 attendances and two have 2 attendances so we are going to work hard with them. The only problem is that it is 2 families that aren't married yet and at the moment don't want to get married so....we are going to help them with that :)

One of our investigators 
is the boyfriend of one of our members and is really interested in the church so we are working with him. He has 2 attendances. Other than that there are still a lot of people that don't want to listen but I think we are finally finding a few that want to progress! Hopefully we will have 4 baptisms this month. Our bishops are working a lot with us as well. And we have had a few family nights so we are gaining the confidence of the members. 

Patzicia is really beautiful but I got discouraged one day when all of the lessons fell through and we were just knocking doors. Hermana Tobar is really great though and we get along really well. We are enjoying every minute of the work even if the people don't let us in to their homes. It has been a really humbling experience for me and I feel like in this area we have to rely a lot on Heavenly Father and just work hard to be able to see results and be happy with ourselves as missionaries. 

PHOTO:  One of my now many corte (traditional dress) outfits :) this is one that a member from the Gomera got me but now I have lots of different colors...

Yesterday I bought MORE corte and slept for was glorious

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