This is where I am!

This is where I am!
This is where I am!

Friday, July 26, 2013

Photos of her apartment!

This email was from July 23rd, but we have been out of town.
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This week..I lost my agenda. That kind of stunk a bit. S came to church this week after a lot of persuasion...I don't think she is ready and her mom still doesn't want to give her permission to be baptized so we are going to have to drop her for a little while. 

H is doing well. He wasn't able to go to church this weekend but we had a really good lesson with him on Thursday. He told us that he really likes going to church and learning and visiting with us but he still isn't sure because of his family. He said he would pray to know if he should get baptized this weekend. We were supposed to have a lesson with him last night but he wasn't able to show up so we are going to try and meet with him tonight. We have been fasting and praying a lot for him.

We also saw a huge miracle on Sunday. There is a family in one of our wards who the only one who is not a member is the dad. We had them in our agenda like every night this week as a backup plan but never got around to going and then we showed up Sunday and started talking to him about well...the gospel and he had a lot of really great questions all of which we were able to answer and he was happy to be listening. The last time we had visited him he wasn't very positive so it was a COMPLETE change. At the end he started to say that he and his wife had been talking about the church and after talking to her he felt an overwhelming joy. He was like “I don't even know why I was so happy. I just felt good and it was just a really nice feeling.” So then we read Galatians 5 where it says the fruits of the spirit are love JOY...all the others and we were just like you felt the spirit. And he was so content and we challenged him to pray and promised him that if he did he would feel the same way again and he said I hope so. We then challenged him to be baptized the 11th (since he still needs 3 attendances unfortunately...) it was such a great lesson. We both walked away from it super amazed.

M and her sister I weren't able to go to church this week but both promised to be there next week.

So this week we had a zone conference which was good. Elder Hopper and Elder Brienholt both told me that they are expecting lots of packages from me when I get home... We also had zone pday yesterday which was good. We played sports and watched a movie and the Tanners (a missionary couple) made us lasagna, homemade rolls, steamed broccoli, and coconut cream tarts :) yummmmm 
The Pila (Kitchen Sink)

PS- I also found 100 dollars in my suitcase last week. The good news is that I will be able to buy airport lunch! (I put $100 cash in the liner of her suitcase when she left.  I showed it to her and said it was in case of emergency funds.  I guess she had forgotten about it!)
Sleeping arrangements
Back Patio

Stairs she runs for exercise

Mike and Hna Astorga

It was pouring rain that day!
We just got back from a Church History trip back east.  Of course one of the highlights of the trip was finding Hna Astorga who had been her companion for 3 months while she was waiting for her visa to go to the US.  She was working in one of the Joseph Smith homes in Palmyra. 

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