This is where I am!

This is where I am!
This is where I am!

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Mike's day at the Jordan River Temple
Wow...I was so happy when the secretaries called on Thursday morning!  I almost can't even believe it. I am so freaking proud of my big brother! Thank you all for being such great examples to me! I called the mission office and asked them to give her the news that Michael is going to the Seattle Washington Mission on August 28th!

Contacts 278
So this last week I was getting frustrated with all the people that don't want to receive the gospel. Not like angry frustrated just sad frustrated because we are seriously trying so hard to help them and when we go through so much in the mission and we are only here for them and they don't even want to open their doors! Even when their dogs almost ate us! But then one morning in my studies I was just thinking about it all and the truth is that our job isn't to convince them that what we are saying is true. We are here to testify and to challenge and to teach the restored gospel to as many people that will listen. To testify in every contact and every opportunity and they have to pray and make the decision. We can't do everything for them we can only teach them what we know to be true and hope that they accept it. What we are doing here is giving EVERYONE the opportunity to hear the gospel so that in the last day we won’t be guilty for not doing our best. We do everything we can and hope that they do their part as well so that Heavenly Father will do his part. The most important thing is to remember that this is the true church of Christ, this is his gospel, and if they are ready they will listen. We need to do our part and let them have their agency. We are just going to keep looking for new investigators and have lessons in the street and in the stores and in the doorsteps and in every place we can so that everyone will have the chance to receive the gospel since they don't want to actually let us into their homes.

Hna Tobar and Hna Brown - Companeras
 The members actually help a lot (well a good sized handful) so that is great. We have had family nights every Monday since I have been here. We actually had 2 yesterday which went really well. It's been a hard few weeks since a lot of people tell us no here but we are going to work harder to have at least the 12 new investigators to make the mission standard (since last week we only had 5). We would've had 12 but they didn't want to receive the second visit. We are just going to testify a lot more and rely more on the spirit.  
I will send you a picture of the other cortes I bought next week. They are super cute! I have one for you that will have a draw string and be like a normal skirt but it's kind of plain so I hope you like it...if not...that's ok we can get you a different one when we go down in December :)
Well have a great time in New York! Make sure you look for Hermana Astorga EVERYWHERE!! You have to meet her! (Hna Astorga is the sister from Guatemala who was called to the Rochester, NY mission, but she had problems getting a visa to the US, so she was Carolyn’s companion for a few months. We do have plans to meet her!)
I love you all so much! Have a great week hope all is well! LOVE YOU 

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