This is where I am!

This is where I am!
This is where I am!

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Transferred to Patzicia,

Carolyn was transferred to Patzicia.  So we looked it up.  Looks like a huge stake center from Google Earth!  The weather is quite a bit different there too?  The highs there aren't even close to what the lows were in La Gomera.
65/55, 62/56, 62/56, 64/54, 64/54, 62/52 those are the highs and lows for Tues - Sun.  Oh yeah, looks like thunderstorms every day except for Friday.  La Gomera (where she has been for the last 6 months has been in 90-100 every day)

 Click here to see a photo of Patzicia!  Photo of Patzicia

Tuesday  July 2, 2013
So the change has been...a change. It is a lot different here and not just the weather. Besides the fact that I am FREEZING cold all the time, the people here don't like to let you talk to them about the gospel and literally run away from us. I think Heavenly Father sent me here to learn more patience and humility because it's basically a lot of knocking doors of people who don't want to talk to us haha. But I really like the area. We are working on getting help from the members because knocking doors doesn't work too well.

My companion is really great too. The members all love her so much and she is a really hard worker. Sunday was her birthday :)

Right now we are also working to find new investigators because there isn't anyone progressing right now but I know that we will because we are working really hard.

I was studying in Alma 26 last week and I read verse 27.."Id entre vuestros hermanos los lamanitas y sufrid con paciencia vuestras aflicciones y os daré el éxito." This really is a promised land because a lot of these people are descendants of the lamanites and they are all native to Guatemala. So we are just going to work hard with patience and Heavenly Father will help us have success because these are his chosen people. I love Patzicia!

On her way to Patzicia
the internet here is sucking and I haven't even read all of my emails yet.

These were my questions that I asked about her new area…
So your companion is Hna Tobar?
Where is she from?
Xela Guatemala
What is she like?
nice :)
How much time does she have on the mission?
this is here 3rd change
What is your apt like?
big and cold but really nice
Is it just the two of you or other sisters?
Just us two
Where do you eat?
At the cocinera's house? haha
Is it a big city? The biggest you have worked in so far?
It’s big..LOTS of hills but not as big as the gomera
What was the ward like?
There are 2 wards so we go to 5 hours of church-- they are pretty big
Is this the first time you have worked in a ward, not a branch?
No second time...Las Margaritas was a ward
What Zone and District are you in?
Zone Sololá district Zerahemla...yes these are pure lamanits and there is a city called Zerahemla and the people have Book of Mormon names
Are there any other missionaries in the zone/district that are going home next month?
Yeah one from Honduras and also our zone leader Elder Gregory
Are you cold??
Can you buy the traditional outfit there that you wanted to buy?

Yes lots of it   

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